has 2 delivery methods. Did we delivery directly to you or was your order shipped?

Direct Delivery Returns / Refunds / Concerns

With each delivery you are presented a receipt explaining items ordered, adjustments with explanation, and special instructions.

The receipt has your driver's direct phone/text number. If you find an error shortly after delivery, please use this number.

If you need assistance 1 hour or more after delivery, please use our email address [email protected] to begin your request. Please supply your order id and point of concern. Your message will be replied to by 10:00 a.m. the following day. A representative will help you with a refund or arrange a new time to correct the error with delivery.

Refund / request are accepted within 72 hours after order delivery.

Shipping Delivery Returns / Refund Process

A receipt is included with each order explaining items ordered, adjustment explanations, and gift notes.
All customer correspondence related to order problems are handled via e-mail. You may phone our customer service, but our operators are instructed to steer conversations regarding order issues toward e-mail conversation. It is essential for these issues to be recorded in type for record keeping and review. Please use our email address [email protected] to begin your request. Please supply your order id and point of concern. Your message reply will occurr before 10:00 a.m. the following day.

Refund / request are accepted within 5 days after package delivery.

Your order id is often shown on the package label as a reference number.  If you receive a damaged package, we ask you to accept the package.  The package may have just one damaged item.  Refusing the package does not mean the package will be returned back to  Many times the courier simply discards the damaged returns.

We do not offer pre-paid return shipping labels with our packages.  You may ship a package as a return with USPS, UPS, or FedEx Ground.  We have a commerical address for returns at Returns 1491 w 14 Mile Rd. Madison Heights, MI 48071
We do not issue RMA codes.
If your refund isn't immediately acknowledged after tracking confirms our receipt of return, please e-mail us in inquiry.  Products returned are refunded for the products value.  Refunds are issued back to card holder, PayPal, or BitCoin Wallets.

We understand many companies make returns very easy and free.  Due to the nature of our heavy boxes and only one return location we are not able to extend such generous options at this time.

Item Condition

All items sold at are new. Items are not re-manufactured, damaged, dented, or punctured at time of shipping.

In shipping temperature extremes can cause can denting, liquids may freeze, dairy may melt, and bag seals may burst.

Reports of damaged products are required within 5 days of package delivery.

No-Fee Cancellation on Late Shipments attempts to ship your order as soon as the same day of order placement. In circumstances where an order has not shipped the customer has the right to cancel the order before the package label is created. Cancellation requests are best communicated via text at 248-636-3223 in reference to your order id.

Once an order has shipped the customer can return the order for a refund of the product's value. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Customer Escalation with Google Trusted Partner

Customers may ask for Google’s help if they are having trouble with an order eligible for the Program.

When a customer seeks help from Google, Google first provides the customer with the Merchant’s contact information and asks the customer to contact the Merchant directly. Google may also provide the customer with a copy of the Merchant’s customer-facing terms and policies from the time of the order.

If the customer indicates they have been unable to reach satisfactory resolution directly with the Merchant, customers may file an escalated claim with Google via the Google Trusted Stores customer account. Once a claim has been filed, Google may engage directly with the customer or Merchant at any point in its sole discretion. Throughout the escalation process, the Merchant must respond to any question or request from Google within a maximum of 1 business day.

When an escalated claim is filed, the following process begins:

  • The escalated claim is forwarded to the Merchant via email and appears in the Merchant's Program account.
  • The Merchant must work with the customer to resolve the escalation. The Merchant is expected to start working on the escalation immediately and respond to any Google or customer inquiries as defined within these guidelines.
  • Google may contact the customer: as soon as the Merchant has updated the escalation in the account; or at any other time, when Google believes that the escalation may have been resolved.

The escalated claim will be closed if the customer does not dispute that their claim has been resolved.

If the matter is still unresolved after 7 calendar days or if the customer disputes the Merchant's resolution or if the Merchant has not responded to a question or request from Google within 1 business day or, otherwise, if Google chooses, in its sole discretion, the following process begins:

  • Google will evaluate the matter based on available information.
  • Google will inform all parties of its decision. If Google determines (in its sole discretion) that a refund is due to the customer, see Refunds Process below. Google’s decisions do not constitute a legal assessment of the matter but are based on reasonable business judgments.

Incorrect, Broken, Defective, or Damaged Products

Incorrect - Each item sent by is bar code scanned for fulfillment accuracy. In the event the manufacturer changes the product attributes and leaves the same bar code in place, the order will be sent with the bar code scanned item currently from the manufacturer. Inaccurate items not occurring from this may be reported for refund / re-fulfillment.

Broken - Broken Items are refunded or re-shipped. This mostly occurs with glass items. From our records reported damage occurs in 1 out of 100 parcels we send out.

Defective or damaged - Concerns may need support of pictures or courier notes for damage. Product expiration dates do not qualify as damage. These items are refunded or re-shipped. DO NOT ship these products back to our facility.

Package redirects and incorrect address

If you determine the address is incorrect or you must have an in-transit package redirected to a different address, you may make request via e-mail at [email protected]
Package redirection can require $11 to $15 per package. This is the fee UPS and FedEx charge when initiates a re-direction.

Package redirection can be denied when a package requires delivery to the card holder's billing address. This occurs in high risk orders.

Any package returned to is eligible for a refund of the product's value. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Attempts to recover costs from credit card charge backs can result in filing action in small claims court.

Address information for packages are programatically transferred from the information you provide on the web site. We do not re-key information unless our shipping software determines there is an error in the provided information. Typically we can quickly look up the correct information and ship your package.
Please make sure you enter any needed apt numbers. Double check to make sure your browser's auto fill function does not quickly fill in the wrong information in the wrong fields.